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Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. The Alumni Association is a growing, active, vibrant organization.[Visit Store...] Memories of time spent at Nasson College dating back as far as 1938! And hopefully you'll remember your own great adventures with this amazing space and time in history.Sit back, get comfortable, and read what some of our Nasson Alumni have sent us. If student leaders on campus could ball like they had a senator salary, you can bet you wouldn’t be the only one running to be the one to buy pizzas to bribe people to come to your meetings.

Senators’ position opens up their entire life and their family’s lives to public scrutiny and threat.Senators’ government salary eliminates the individual financial pressure aspect from the triangle.When senators make enough to fully line their pockets, they won’t reach into anyone else’s.The fraud triangle assumes three reasons for workplace fraud: individual pressure, opportunity to commit the crime and rationalization for the crime.We have checks and balances, laws and probably video cameras in place to eliminate the opportunity, and we hope we’ve elected morally sound officials to eliminate their ability to rationalize the crime.

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