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The compound was surrounded by various forces, which penetrated the base at about p.m.The revolters were arrested and sent to various military prisons, where they were held until the Carnation Revolution on 25 April 1974, 40 days later.Caldas da Rainha is best known for its sulphurous hot springs and ceramic pottery.The settlement was founded in the 15th century by Queen Leonor (Rainha Dona Leonor), who established a hospital and a church at the site of some therapeutic hot springs. Leonor (Queen Leonor Spring Water Hospital, or Thermal Hospital) is the oldest purpose-built institution of its kind in the world, with five centuries of history.Caldas da Rainha was part of the ancient region Lusitania, inhabited by ancient Romans who took advantage of sulphurous waters sprouting in the region.Barbarian invasions destroyed most of the Roman-built baths.In a prelude to the Carnation Revolution, in the early morning of 16 March 1974, the Fifth Infantry Regiment (Regimento de Infantaria 5), based in Caldas da Rainha in what is now the School of Army Sergeants (Escola de Sargentos do Exército), attempted to stage a coup d'état against the country's authoritarian Estado Novo regime.

In 2014 Caldas da Rainha had the best public secondary school in Portugal based on national test scores.

On approaching the capital, the Caldas regiment found themselves alone, realizing that the other units supposed to participate in the coup had not joined the upheaval.

The regiment turned back and reached their Caldas quarters at around a.m., locking themselves in and awaiting a siege.

With the disbandment of the order by the 15th century, the area fell into disrepair.

One day in 1484, while traveling from Óbidos to Batalha, she happened upon a group of peasants bathing in foul-smelling waters by the roadside.

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