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It also implies a certain outlaying of time and energy. Friends look in the same direction." Meghan and Pete's close friendship in college was very real, but after fifteen years they are no longer looking in the same direction.Indeed, in many ways, they have grown to be very different people.They take the time to get together weekly, not only to catch up with each other's activities, but to check in on their friendship.

While the two are active together in ministry at their church, they have lost the fire of friendship that once defined their relationship."In marriage the final answer is am I investing more emotional energy into husband than I am in a friend or child?Or, where is it that I'm investing most of my emotional energy?"When the luxury of being friends with one another takes a back seat, friendships that are deep and intimate can develop in other places resulting in emotional, and even physical, adultery," says Stanton. Unlike your spouse, the other party has the luxury of being transparent and real without all of the other encumbrances and responsibilities of your family's life.We have no problem calling deep emotional intimacy between a spouse and another of the opposite sex wrong, however, if we're investing emotional capital in a same-sex relationship at the peril of the marriage, then that is also dangerous.

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It also creates an opening for marital infidelity." Glenn Stanton, an expert on marriage at Focus on the Family and a husband and father of five children, echoes this sentiment.

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