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At the same time, the expansion of the ever growing population into the farming regions of the Midwest created a need for methods and equipment to preserve foods. With the expansion of these demands came the need for suitable containers all of which had to be properly sealed to function.Parallel with the creativity of bottle & jar makers in satisfying this demand for glass containers, the creative juices of closure designers were unleashed.The finish and closure are interrelated entities of any bottle.The closure must conform to the finish in order to function, and vice versa.Closures can also often assist in determining what type of bottle one has, i.e., what the bottle was most likely used for if (e.g., liquor, soda) it is not otherwise obvious.Closures are covered as a part of the "Bottle Finishes & Closures" group of pages since closures are very closely related to the subject of bottle finishes as the finish is where the closure was almost always located.

Members will receive special privileges, benefits and preferential rates with selected partner hotels, restaurants, our LUXURY WEBSHOP, and more.The major closure types are what is covered on this page.Minor and obscure closure types are beyond the scope of this website as such information would at best only marginally assist in the goals of the site (dating & typing a bottle) and would occupy an inordinate amount of space (see Closures are a useful subject to explore since the type of closure that a bottle had can often provide some dating refinement when used during a relatively narrow time frame.The invention of some closures correspond to certain finishes and a closure may be adapted to old finishes; or both the finish and closure are invented together (Berge 1980).During the early 19th century there was only limited demand for glass bottles & jars since most goods were sold in bulk by general stores out of barrels, pottery jugs, wooden boxes, burlap sacks, and the like.

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