Dating websites 14 year olds

Legally this girl is too young to smoke, drive, drink alcohol or – crucially – have sex.

Yet she is legally allowed to create a profile on the mobile app Tinder, which matches you with potential “hook-up partners” in your local area.

But this isn’t a professional photoshoot – it’s a 14-year-old girl taking pictures for her dating profile.But any person, of any age, can create an entirely false Facebook page in under two minutes.We don’t have to pretend teenagers aren’t kissing behind the school gates or thinking about ripping each other’s clothes off.This in itself is flawed, as Tinder takes the age of a user from their Facebook profile.A representative from Tinder said: “Facebook does a great job of authenticating its users”.

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Parents who worried about their children sending “sexts” should be even more vigilant now the communication channels for such messages are open to complete strangers.

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