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Es wird dabei mit dem ältesten Trick gearbeitet, seitdem es das Internet gibt: attraktiver Partner verspricht, nach Deutschland zu kommen und braucht Geld für Ticket und Visa.Gerne wird hierbei auf die Möglichkeiten von SKYPE und FACEBOOK zurückgegriffen, um das Opfer kostenfrei per CHAT zu kontaktieren. ute: I hope, that not so many women will be trated in that way… darrinhill53: well tell me if i am not true to you,will i ever try so hard on how to get the clearance paid..Bookmark: #barry-diller-gordian-snakes | We discovered a Gordian knot of devilish interrelationships surrounding mainstream media don Barry C. Here are some of the knotted snakes trying to destroy the American Republic: [The Mark Zuckerberg Cardboard Cut Out], Facebook, IBM Eclipse Foundation, James W. In-Q-Tel, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

22, 2011, Barry Diller appointed Chelsea Clinton, then a college student, to be a director of IAC/Interactivecorp which has a current market value of billion. 17, 2017, Barry Diller appointed Chelsea to be a director of Expedia, which has a current market value of .6 billion. Breyer who was Facebook’s first chairman and venture capitalist. He was Facebook’s first venture capitalist and served for years as chairman. Other NVCA directors with Breyer included Fidelity Investments (Facebook’s largest mutual fund investor) and Kleiner Perkins (Google’s lead investor). As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had an ethical duty to disclose to the public her conflicts of interest in Chelsea Clinton’s appointment as director of IAC/Interactivecorp in 2011. 14, 1999, Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 13130 that formed the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC). Betrüger suchen Opfer auf Partner- und Singlebörsen.Sogenannte Romance-scammer oder Love-Scammer sind auf Partnerbörsen und Facebook unterwegs Dort suchen sie nach Opfern, denen sie zunächst Interesse an einer Partnerschaft vorspiegeln und später die Heirat anbieten. [The Eric Schmidt Cardboard Cut Out], Google (new faked parent: Alphabet), Highlands Group, National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC), Kleiner Perkins, Accel PArtners, U. Digital Service (WH), Hillary for America, 18F (FEC), C. It includes many leading dating sites in North America and Europe including: It should also be noted that on Mar. IAC/Interactivecorp (NASDAQ: IAC) Insider Trading Report accessed Dec. Shows the cozy relationships among certain politicians, venture capital and media, including Chelsea Clinton, Clinton Foundation, ABC and the FCC . Lamont), Zuckerberg, Microsoft and Yuri Milner (, DST, Digital Sky Technologies) is highly irregular and was a total surprise to the market. De Rycker is a “Silicon Valley Girl” running the London office of venture capitalist Accel Partners—the largest inside investor in Facebook. On May 13, 2004, Breyer was elected chairman of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) along with other globalist directors including Gilman Louie. Hillary’s intimate and illegal Facebook relationship while Secretary of State obstructed justice in the patent infringement trial of , since she was showing bias to a litigant in a federal case. Bronfman, a Canadian born billionaire and longtime World Jewish Congress president. Accel is the largest inside shareholder in Facebook after Mark Zuckerberg. 13, 2016 verified SEC list of IAC/Interactivecorp media holdings. This dump of insider stock by insiders including Breyer, Accel Partners, Peter Thiel, Goldman Sachs, Meritech Management (Ann H. , was appointed in 2011 with Chelsea Clinton as director of IAC/Interactivecorp by media don Barry Diller. Given Diller’s evident iron grip over MSM, it is no wonder that Hillary was surprised that she lost the election. Bookmark: #zuckerberg-is-a-globalist-cut-out | Chelsea’s association with De Rycker of Accel Partners should have placed all of Clinton’s Facebook associations off limits while she was Secretary of State. 26, 2009 to write a “template for winning elections” directed by Russian Dmitry Shevelenko. Bronfman at a ceremony held in the East Room of the White House in Washington.

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