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A skinny child, her weight ballooned when she hit puberty.

“Suddenly I went from size 12 jeans to a size 18, then 20 then 22, while on top I remained a size 14.

All I ­did was hide under big dresses and comfort-eat.” Studying business administration at a local college, Dionne was miserable.

“I kept my head down and tried to make myself invisible but that was hard.

I’d just come out of another failed relationship so I decided to take control,” she says.I tried wearing Spanx to contain my bottom but they didn’t work.I went to the prom by myself and left school feeling depressed, lacking confidence and hating my body,” she recalls.Dionne’s total weight is 425 lbs and at 5ft 4ins tall her Body Mass Index is 85.That’s four times more than an average woman and it puts her at risk of high cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems. “I love my body and wouldn’t change a thing.” However, Amanda Thornton of Atlanta has something to say about Dionne’s claim for biggest butt: And Kim Kardashian – well, she’s not even in the running.

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