He has very awkwardly invited you to a wedding as his plus-one.

Anytime a guy has to clarify with "it's not a date" or "I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way," it's because he's into you.7.

But there are a few very obvious things he could be doing to feel you out.

So if you're into him, you might want to just let him know.

Once you’ve gone out with a guy, whether it’s one date or several, you want to be on the lookout for signs of interest from him.

If he angles his hips away from you, it's probably the latter.Maybe he goes out of his way to walk through your department so he's got a chance to talk to you.Verizon is going to charge you extra because those vibes are so fucking heavy they just sent you over your data limit.Sometimes it can seem like you have more questions than answers about the new guy who has stepped into your life.Before you resort to asking your pets for guidance, learn these signals that will clue you in about his real interest level.

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Trust me when I say no one ever, wants to drive someone else to the airport, unless they're secretly hoping you've got another ticket and are about to invite them off on some wild adventure that involves a Grecian island and bathing suits.6.

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