My parents are against dating

Sometimes their disapproval will be valid, other times it will be irrational, but no matter what it will be hard for you to deal with.What do you do when your parents can't stand the person you’re dating?You should never lose your life when you fall in love.Friends, family, hobbies and school are all still important.Sometimes parents cling to outdated social attitudes.They hold on to ideas that are not shared by your generation.

It is important for you understand where your parents are coming from and why they disapprove of the relationship.Before taking on the role of diplomat, or even worse the role of family agitator, there are some things that you need to examine. Are you crazy in love or loving driving your parents crazy?You need to take an honest look at your romantic motivations and the reasons for your parents' objections. If you are motivated by rebellion the simplest and right thing to do is end the relationship.Objections based on bigotry are wrong even when they come from your parents.When you are in love you may be blind to your partner’s flaws. They can often see things in your relationship that you are unwilling or unable to see.

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