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An advert of January 1966 explaining that special edition screw bands are now available to recycle 4 ounce Gregg’s instant coffee jars to use for preserves.

The box indicates the Perfit preserving book is now in its fourth edition.

George, Susan Baker, Thompson & Hill, Unilever, Wiltshire NZ Ltd on April 20, 2013 at 10.46 For a long period of history, bottling was the main method of preservation of foods – and there doesn’t seem to be much “specific” history of it in New Zealand since it is obviously not endemic; and therefore didn’t have much of a separate development geographically. It was a given that the accomplished housewife would have a skilled knowledge of cooking and preserving.

It is what it is; stuff in jars, found the world over – even the earlier traditions of potting, drying and smoking of Maori culture weren’t that different from any other parts of the world. Sometimes hundreds of pounds of produce were ‘put down’ while it was in season.

I’ve never seen either of these versions before – just what I think of as the “regular” version that I posted in the article above, which seems to crop up on a regular basis.

Anyway, for the most part they are interesting pages with some colour.

This is a bit like saying fruit grows on trees under a blue sky, since in those days it was more a given necessity than a pastime of any sort.

The true figure is estimated to be far higher – possibly in the hundreds – with many unaccompanied minors said to be “hidden” from child protection agencies in both France and the UK, often ordered by traffickers not to engage with authorities.Charities and campaigners have warned that missing youngsters are at risk of sexual and labour exploitation by trafficking and smuggling gangs, with adults ordering them to fulfil demands in order to pay the sum for their facilitated crossing, thought to be in the region of £9,000.It comes as the Scottish and Welsh governments accused the UK immigration minister of a “lack of planning” in the resettlement of unaccompanied minors through the Dubs scheme, saying “more need to be included” to avoid children being left without “safe and legal options” and at greater risk of being trafficked.Oh – and also, for the nominal fee of a few cents, send you a home preserving handbook ( which was being produced in the 1960s and 1970s that I know of, and also warehouse somewhere in a 1950s-looking industrial division in South Auckland, with a few reference recipe tomes book-ended, and a soft lamp at her elbow, earnestly answering letters from housewives as storemen bustled around in the background preparing orders.So who was this An early version of the Perfit auto preserver with original box, waiting to be auctioned in Havelock North last year.

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