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As that nation diversified its power sources and bulked up its renewable capacity, much of its conventional fleet has become underutilized or marginalized.Many of those German plants are now revving up as they send power into France, thanks to a high level of interconnectivity.It wants safety tests conducted on all of those nuclear reactors and steam generators because of the additional carbon anomalies discovered.The tests, which will take place between November and January, will require the shutdown of the following units: Civaux 1, Fessenheim 1, Gravelines 4, and Tricastin 2 and 4.Some examinations were scheduled during refueling outages and normal periodical reviews.

In early October, ASN weighed in on the deteriorating situation and ordered EDF to cease generation from five other units.With over half of France’s 58 reactors possibly affected by “carbon segregation,” the nation’s nuclear watchdog, the Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN) has ordered that preventative measures be taken immediately to ensure public safety.As this story goes into production in late October, ASN has confirmed that 20 reactors are currently offline and potentially more will shut down in coming weeks.The massive outages are draining power from all over Europe.Worse, new questions continue to swirl about both the safety and integrity of Électricité de France SA’s (EDF’s) nuclear fleet, as well as the quality of some French- and Japanese-made components that EDF is using in various high-profile nuclear projects around the world.

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“We are now finding carbon segregation problems from components coming from both Le Creusot and [the Kitakyushu-based Japan Casting & Forging Corp.] JCFC plant.

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