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In August, a British man was sent to jail after defrauding two women of over £300,000 (5,300) through online dating sites.He had convinced them that he was a diplomat and that a US marine general had fallen in love with them, causing one woman to pawn jewelry, empty her life savings, sell her car, and take out loans to help this general move to the UK. In 2011, the Internet Crime Complaint Center estimated that the online dating scamming “industry” was worth over million, but it’s likely much higher than that, due to the difficulty of making a good estimate.This city is filled with life and consequently, it’s a brilliant place to be single in.Dating is a fun game; from the initial one-to-one meeting all the way to the late-night texting, but at the same time it can be awfully awkward and just plain… In the past few months I have developed a theory for the three perfect dates; the ultimate date triad.

So, you might be wondering, how have these worked out for me? Westerpark is just around the corner as well, perfectly located for your walk should you decide to extend the date!Just off the Museumplein, FRIDAY NEXT is a concept store, studio and café fusion.Next door is the Filmhallen, where train shelters have turned into intimate screening rooms and, as its the sister theatre to The Movies, its film selection is equally outstanding.Emergency exit Dinner can be implied, but nothing is written in stone.

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