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Bella walked on the street people have been murdered on everyday to get to work.She never imagined that she'd end up trying to intervene on a very red eyed vampire's hunt.A tale of the search for truth…and treasure of course. Bella fights to leave her past behind, but will she be able to let love in?Bella es rescatada de un lugar sin esperanzas y le brindan lo que siempre le fue negado. AH M-rated for violence, content, language Set two years after New Moon. Me esforzare para conquistarlo, aunque digan que mi amor es un pecado... Bella hurts herself and has to go to the hospital to get fixed up and it is Carlisle who comes to her rescue.¿Fue salvada o simplemente condenada a otro infierno? Edward never came back and Bella is at college trying to pull her life together. As he fixes her in his office a spark is ignited between them and before they know it they share a moment of passion.¿Cuánto puedes sacrificar a fin de conservar lo que nunca habías tenido? She meets up with the one Cullen she never thought she could have anything in common with. Rated M for lemons Se perfectamente lo que quiero, lo quiero a él; Ante todos. When it is all over Bella goes back for more, but as the passion they share continues what will happen between them. Una vez que ha vuelto al mundo exterior, no sabe cómo continuar.

She isn't the quiet, shy human that Edward thinks he knows. The news of a serial killer in Seattle has everyone unsettled.

I'm Dani and I like reading a lot and I hope you like it too I enjoy rainy days and coffee, but also sunsets like the little prince.

I hate the patriarchy, people who walk slowly in front of me and also people who harm animals I believe in people who are kind and in sincere smiles, also in vampires and that a zombie apocalypse is coming ... Please, read a lot, love yourself and have a nice day :)This story will follow the exploits of Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene after the fall of the prison in the Season 4 Midseason Finale.

Not divorced, and yet not really married either, she tries to raise her two kids on her own.

She has sworn off men for good, enjoying the peace of a man free household.

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She works to support herself and her mother, but one fateful morning at work changes everything. An innocent girl, a fiercely loyal dog, a jaded man with a past. E/B, AHBella's childhood spent with her mother has left her shy, socially isolated and scared of her own shadow.

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