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SESTA is fraudulently sold as a way to target only "bad" sites like Backpage, and this week Facebook joined several other tech giants in supporting it.

But as the O'Kimosh case (and so many others I've encountered) illustrate, it's not only ad sites like Backpage and Craigslist, or explicitly adult-oriented sites, where Americans advertise, find one another, communicate, and arrange to meet for sexual activity that violates local, state, and federal laws.

The app was incubated by Science, the maker of Wishbone and Slingshot.

And that should concern you even if the plight of someone like O'Kimosh really doesn't, because pushing prison time above and beyond what's required for public safety and/or rehabilitation is how we exacerbate America's mass incarceration problem.

Some of those include hypothetical conversations with A-list celebrities or imaginary group chats about dating.

They also have a “truth or dare” section and jokes about using personal assistants like Siri.

Users have to keep scrolling to find out what happens next.

The idea is that the texting format is more relatable for young people who have been communicating this way since they were children.

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