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O'Donnell also has four older children: sons Blake and Parker and daughters Chelsea and Vivienne.Chelsea, whose other adopted mother is O'Donnell's former wife Kelli Carpenter, ran away from home at 17 to move in with an heroin addict and his family.This relationship comes on the heels of Rosie's alleged romance with her married gal pal Dana Caruso Schiff.It also comes in the wake of Rounds' suicide back in September at the age of 46.

Streisand,' said Rosie, who went on to voice her frustration with Rooney's response to the actress' Oscar winning turn in the classic 'Funny Girl.''She said, "It was good,"' revealed Rosie, who jokingly let out an exasperated grunt in response to that review.The custody of the couple's adopted daughter Dakota was the central issue during their divorce proceedings.Rounds had requested sole custody initially claiming she was a more attentive parent.This later proved untrue when Transport for London officials released details of the correspondence.Calls were made yesterday for an inquiry over both the alleged cover-up and the Government's links to the US taxi firm.

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Courtesy of Extra TV A source revealed to Daily that Rounds' 2015 suicide attempt occurred shortly after she lost custody of the couple's daughter Dakota.

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