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But learning to love her in the way that makes her feel loved is a greater demonstration of my love for her, because I've chosen to do it with a goal of pleasing her." — Dr. I'm very into myself, so people are always like, "Pay attention to the other person. I have a lot of friends that have one fight and that's it, they get divorced. A lot of girls have such insecurities nowadays that you have to be comfortable with who you are before you can really have a good relationship with someone else." — Sasha Pieterse"Love advice is like life advice, so there are so many elements of that. It really is paradoxical, but it's true: You just can't go to bed mad.Gary Chapman19."Pay attention to the girl, instead of myself. I think humor, patience, admiration are really important love elements. You have to respect the person that you're going to love, and you have to be confident in yourself and love yourself." — Zac Posen29."'Think about how much you'd miss that if he were gone tomorrow.' This is my senior producer's advice in my ear during our news show if I'm grumbling about my hubby, whether about his habit of leaving dirty clothes around, or the way he goes into la la land while I'm talking with him, or that he wakes me up being loud overnight. Heaven forbid, but if something ever happens to our loved ones, oh how we'd long for them to be back, and their little aggravating habits would be something cherished."On the other hand the best love advice I've ever given is: Gals, don't marry someone for their looks. Don't marry someone for their position and don't marry someone for money. You have to make up, because there's only one alternative, and that alternative is not being together.So, love is about give and take, and love is about understanding that you're individuals and together as a couple, you're the strongest there ever is if you're in the right couple." — Heather Thomson"I was going to say, 'It's work, relationships take work,' but that makes it sound like relationships are hard, that they're work. And I said, 'Yeah.' He said, 'Then you can't regret what got you to where you are.Rebecca and I have always gotten along really well. I'm the last guy that should be giving people advice on love, that's for sure. I just got lucky, I guess." — Eric Dane35."I lost my dad back in the fall, and my dad said something to me a long time ago. So whatever you do and whatever mistakes you make, learn from them and grow.A bad relationship is one in which there is controlled manipulation, where people need constant approval and reinforcement that they are liked or loved — in other words, where there is a lot of insecurity.It would be a big loss to not have a romantic bond, because the romantic bond sparks a different kind of energy in us. Love has many flavors, but one of them is romance, which of course includes sexuality.Don't talk badly about [your partner] the second they walk out the door; really preserve your relationship and be good to each other.

When people are experiencing either the giving or receiving of love, their body starts to self-regulate and restore homeostasis, which means that all your body systems are performing at a peak level.

It’s my understanding that our spirit or consciousness outlives the death of the physical body.

So if our consciousness lives on, then so does love.

Our meaning and context in life come from relationships.

In the absence of relationships, we don’t even exist.

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