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Solaris is probably Lem's best-known work, because it was adapted by Soviet director Andrei Tarkovsky into a critically acclaimed film.The novel tells the story of an encounter between a group of planetary explorers and a bizarre entity on the planet Solaris, which is a sort of living ocean that covers most of its world and is capable of chemical transformations of astounding mathematical complexity.These hypnotic stories, full of brilliant and rambunctious wordplay, have been rendered beautifully into English by Michael Kandel.Finally, in addition to these story-cycles Lem composed a string of challenging novels, each posing a question about the conditions and limits of human knowledge.

In Pirx's world there are no aliens, no faster-than-light drives, and no space wormholes.He did not, however, take a diploma, because persons with medical degrees were at the time automatically conscripted into the army.Instead in 1947 he accepted a position as a research assistant at Jagellonian University in Cracow, reading articles in a wide range of scientific fields for review in the journal Zycie Nauki (Life of Science).At any rate, 1956 began what critics have called Lem's "golden period", a dozen years of remarkably fertile literary output.In this period Lem imagined a number of different universes and populated them with stories.

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Some of the Pirx tales would make excellent reading for an introductory course in philosophy or cognitive science.

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